Hershey Symphony Festival Strings youth orchestra on stage

The Hershey Symphony Festival Strings

The Hershey Symphony Festival Strings is open to public, home school, and cyber school string students, without audition, who are in grades 6-9, entering their third year of playing, and are recommended by their orchestra director. Grade 2/3 music will be performed, meaning that players should be reading low 2 and low 1, slurs, sixteenth notes, and dotted rhythms. Third position will be needed for first violin and bass. The enrollment fee is $125.00. Chair auditions are held once the season is underway, which is a great way to get experience with the audition process.

The Festival Strings rehearse several times throughout the fall and winter, culminating with a concert of their own. They also perform alongside the Hershey Symphony Orchestra in one of the symphony’s season concerts.

Interested high school string students in grades 10-12 are encouraged to enroll as rehearsal assistants, providing us with their musical leadership and assisting with tuning. High school students considering a career in music teaching will benefit greatly from this hands-on opportunity. Rehearsal assistants do not need to pay an enrollment fee.

The Hershey Symphony is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination. Please refer to our nondiscrimination statement here.

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