During these unprecedented times, your support means more than ever.

We are unable to bring our 52nd season to you due to health and safety restrictions but we’re gearing up for an even bigger and better return to the stage as soon as circumstances change.

We’ll recognize your generosity a little differently this year and hope that you’ll value being a part of our orchestra family during our musical intermission.

Here are some of the new and exciting benefits:

  • We’re creating a Virtual Program on the HersheySymphony.org website that will include our sponsor’s ads, business ads, patron listings and interesting content about your Hershey Symphony Orchestra and its talented musicians.
  • We’re hosting a monthly live talk with Dr. Sandra Dackow on Facebook called Sandy & Friends. All sponsors will receive recognition on this program.
  • We’re reaching out to close to 5,000 Symphony email subscribers each month and will mention your business in the emails.
We appreciate your advertisement and value your commitment to supporting the arts in our area. Please see the ad options below.

Please email ads to ads@hersheysymphony.org no later than December 15, 2020. PDF or JPEG files are preferred.

 Advertising Rates

 Back Cover  $800  4 ¾ inches wide x 7 ¾ inches deep  COLOR
 Inside Front Cover  $750  4 ¾ inches wide x 7 ¾ inches deep  COLOR
 Inside Back Cover  $750  4 ¾ inches wide x 7 ¾ inches deep  COLOR
 Full Page  $500  4 ¾ inches wide x 7 ¾ inches deep  BLACK & WHITE
 ½ page  $350  4 ¾ inches wide x 3 7/8 inches deep  BLACK & WHITE
 ¼ page Vertical  $200  2 7/16 inches wide x 3 7/8 inches deep  BLACK & WHITE
 ¼ page Horizontal  $200  4 ¾ inches wide x 1 15/16 inches deep  BLACK & WHITE

 Questions? Please contact Susan Cort, Symphony Development Director at susan.cort@hersheysymphony.org

Please send insertion orders, ad materials and payments to:

Hershey Symphony Orchestra Attn:  Susan Cort, Development Director P.O. Box 93, Hershey PA 17033 E-mail: ads@hersheysymphony.org

 The Hershey Symphony Orchestra’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Your tax-deductible contribution will be credited in the fiscal year it is received. Official registration and financial information of the Hershey Symphony Orchestra Society may be obtained from the PA Department of State by calling toll free, within PA, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.